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After the concert on November 17th, I got new contracts:) Well, using the word contracts is a little bit exaggerating. I don’t get any money for it. But 2011 could be governed by playing three different pieces. Brahms Cello-Sonata in e-minor, Brahms quintett and a piano piece for four hands written by a contemporary composer.
The Brahms quintett is still in negotiation, the other strings don’t know yet about it.
But today I have started to practice the cello sonata again. I love this piece.

The recording by J. Du Pré and Daniel Barenboim unfortunately is cut off before the reprise.
Here is the other part.

But anyway, today I practised two hours on minute 4:30 – 6:50.
I have already played this once but just for private pleasure not for public performance. So practicing has to be done in a different mode.
The second movement troubles me in the middle part.
But it really is not so difficult, technically.
The third movement is tricky:
But I like it so much that practicing is not a problem. This movement comes to me very easily. The coda will be difficult, but that’s just one page.
I am looking forward to a very challenging year, considering that I am an amateur:)

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