Pissed off

In the beginning of the week I was enjoyed to read that my paper for a conference (or workshop) in Sweden had been accepted.
When I read the reviewers‘ comments I could find reason in some of the comments.
Two reviewers were pretty consistent in their remarks but the mentioned that one part was „out of scope“. The third reviewer is basically not very effective in his remarks. What he wants is a completely different paper, one that I had written ten years ago and which I would not repeat now.
But all of the reviewers were puzzled about my mentioning of fairy tales.
I can add some further explanation why I consider it necessary to take it in account in my paper. And that is what I will do.
But I am really contemplating whether I should withdraw my application.
There are two possibilities:
1) I have not made myself clear. That possibility would be supported by the experience I have made with my sister who is a medical doctor who did not understand my linkage of fairy tales and legends to something like software. However, most of my colleagues in the company understood and were very surprised as they had not seen the connection earlier.
2) I was clear and concise, but the reviewers belong to a party of – I don’t know – scientists, practictioners, who whatever. If they are experienced people they should ask themselves why software is so rotten. Or I would like to call them fucking masturbating busybodies, where masturbation is used as dealing solely with their own subjects, forgetting that there is more around in the world than software.
Today, I will listen to „marriage of Figaro“, my first time in the opera in Belgrade. (The program is very sparse there) If I am brought to a good mood, I will try to make my point more clear. Tomorrow is my birthday which will also encourage a peaceful mind of mine.
I do not write this right after I received the remarks. I went through them carefully. Some are actually very to the point and I am grateful for the work the reviewers did. But I am only 180 days left for my retirement. I don’t have to gain additional points. Why should I pay hundreds of Euros when it is not appreciated what I have to say.
Stay tuned and see what turns out:)

  1. Sunnilein

    Once upon a time… First: All the best for your birthday, health, well-being, lots of new ideas – all equal if known and understood by others – and trips round the world, discussions with people you love and all you would like to wish just in case!
    It`s likely to that world not to think in other lines and dimensions. In case you try to explain sth in a new way or just other way, there are always two reactions: One asks „Why?“ The other says „But…!“ There aren t so many people round that world open in their mind and brain to think in a way they have not been told and thought all the time. So don t worry at all about it. Just make a clear statement:If you want me with that paper, not anything more. We are not in the „kindergarden“….What the hell are you forced to? To change your ideas? Never, ever. You will never open brain structures where there aren t any.That`s the way the cookie crumbles! Stay calm and have fun!:-)

  2. Happy Birthday I thought I’d return the favour here: Happy Birthday! 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed the opera last night and that it brought you to a good mood. No matter what you decide to do with your paper: There’s no point in spending your birthday as a grumpy old man. Be cheerful and sing a song from the times when TV shows were better! 🙂

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